Curved Stairs Stairlifts: Can You Have One?

Can you have a stairlift on curved stairs?

Curved stairlifts provide a practical solution for individuals with mobility challenges who have curved or winding staircases in their homes. If you have wondered whether it’s possible to have a stairlift installed on your curved stairs, the answer is yes. With advancements in technology and custom designs, curved stairlifts are now available to accommodate various […]

Exploring What Is a Curved Stairlift – Benefits & Uses

what is a curved stairlift

A curved stairlift is a type of mobility assist that is designed for stairs with twists, turns, and landings. Unlike straight stairlifts that are used for single flights of stairs, curved stairlifts are custom-made to fit the unique shape of the staircase. These lifts use a rail or track system attached to the stair treads […]