Dumbwaiter Lift | 100KG Model


Dumbwaiters from UK Lifts are the high quality, well-engineered products that you would expect from a major German based manufacturer that has been refining these lifts for over 50 years. They are manufactured to comply with European Standard EN81-3 and carry 100kg in capacity.

Specially designed for moving food, drinks or documents these lifts are ideal for cafes, restaurants, pubs, commercial kitchens, offices and even private homes.

Most of our dumbwaiters operate with bi-parting doors and are fitted with simple call and send push buttons on each floor. They are available constructed in a range of materials – zintec, galvanized steel, stainless steel – and our bespoke range are available to suit a wide range of car, entrance, footprint and travel dimensions.

We hold standard dumbwaiters in stock in a UK warehouse whilst our bespoke products are all designed and built specifically to order.


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