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About Stannah Stairlifts through UK Lift

With UK Lift, experience the heritage of Stannah Stairlifts, a brand that’s become a household name in providing custom stairlift solutions. For over 150 years, Stannah has crafted stairlifts with precision, offered through UK Lift to ensure you find the perfect match for your home and lifestyle.

Stannah Siena Model 600

UK Lift proudly offers the Stannah Siena 600, a versatile stairlift fitting both straight and curved staircases. Its user-focused design ensures comfort and its customizable options make it a perfect fit for your personal space.

Stannah Starla

The Stannah Starla, available from UK Lift, brings a touch of elegance to any home. Suitable for various staircase designs, the Starla provides bespoke adaptability and ensures a stylish and comfortable ascent.

Stannah Outdoor Model 320

Adventurous spirits can rely on the Stannah Outdoor Model 320 from UK Lift, a durable solution for outdoor staircases that offers freedom and independence no matter the weather.

Stannah Model 260 (Curved Stairlift)

For homes with curved staircases, UK Lift can install the Stannah Model 260, designed for a secure and smooth journey around each corner of your staircase.

Stannah Model 420 (Straight Stairlift)

The robust Acorn Outdoor stairlift, available through UK Lift, promises unfaltering performance outdoors, enabling you to navigate outside steps with ease in any weather.

Stannah Legacy Models: 300, 240/250, and 400

Through UK Lift, you can find Stannah’s trusted legacy models, such as the 300, 240/250, and 400. They embody the brand’s heritage of quality, meeting diverse needs with enduring performance and style.

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UK Lift provides a variety of used and reconditioned Stannah stairlifts that are suitable for both straight and curved staircases, ensuring a fit for almost any home layout.